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GeoBase Software

The software package used within the ASAP System is called GeoBase. It consists of a main module (Database) with additional configurable plug-in modules.

Features and functions:

  • New capabilities and features can be easily implemented
  • Interfaces allow customers to add their own proprietary software
  • GeoBase runs under Microsoft Windows 8TM; and Windows 10TM; in 32 bit and 64 bit systems.
  • GeoBase version 6 is a step change because it introduces Multibase, i.e. different instruments in the same tool string can be run at different sampling rates. It is very helpful when e.g. the Micro Resistivity Imager is run together with a Quad Combo, as it enables you to increase the logging speed. To make full use of Multibase, the firmware of your tools need to be updated.
  • Besides Multibase, version 6 has several other new features like a better occupancy rate of the disk space for the logging data, improved dialogues, and the modules Well Sketch and Math Pack are included.

If you have an ongoing maintenance contract, you download the latest installer from the support site. For other customers, ANTARES can provide an offer for a one year maintenance contract that includes the upgrade to version 6 and continuous release updates for the duration off the same.

We are currently working in the development of GeoBase version 7 and will make an announcement and communicate its new features once a release window is established.