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Temperature Logger

The Miniaturised Temperature Data Loggers (MTL) were developed for high precision temperature measurements in marine environments.

They offer a wide variety of marine science applications wherever a high precision temperature measurement is of interest and temperature gradients need to be documented over long-term (several months to 2 years) or short-term periods.

Some typical applications are:

  • Measurements of temperature gradients in deep sea sediments
  • Long term observations of temperature fields (e.g. in geological or geophysical tasks)
  • High resolution temperature monitoring of fast events with a high sample rate

The MTLs were constructed to be extremely robust, small (16 cm long) and easy to operate in water depths up several thousands of meters. The logging duration and sampling rate can be chosen independently.

The MTLs are delivered together with a communication unit and software to configure and download the loggers as well as to store the data in different formats without opening the pressure case.

The loggers were field tested during several expeditions by the University of Bremen, used by them to measure sediment temperature gradients in several geological settings.

Three types of the loggers are available:

  • The standard MTL with a temperature and pressure range which is adapted to normal marine environments (Temperature: -4 to +50°C, maximum Pressure: 60 MPa)
  • The High-Temperature MTL (HTMTL) with a temperature range up to 95°C (maximum Pressure: 60 MPa)
  • The Deep-Water Temperature Data Logger (DWT) with an extended pressure range (maximum pressure: 100 MPa / 14500 psi) and designed for standard temperatures -4°C to +50°C)

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