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Wireline Logging Equipement

2 ½" Open Hole Logging Tools

The wireline tools of the 2 ½“ product line are a result of the close cooperation between ANTARES and its customers*. Many of our customers were asking us for suitable tools to be deployed in a 4” borehole.  In response, we developed SHARP (Slim Hole ANTARES Reservoir Probes). Currently we offer a Quad Combo plus a Spectral Gamma Ray and Caliper Instruments. We are continuously expanding this product line to meet our customers requirements.

ANTARES offers 3 different ratings for the instruments:

  • 175 Deg.C and 140 MPa
  • 150 Deg.C and 100 MPa
  • 100 Deg.C and 35 MPa

They are as flexible and reliable as the 3 3/8” tool string and run under the same surface system. Once you purchase ANTARES tools, we become partners and offer you a tailor made package according to your requirements. The package can consist of training, commissioning, maintenance and even research & development activities – it’s your choice.

Discover the ‘German Engineering’ difference!

*the diameter for some of the logging tools is larger than 2 ½“. For exact dimensions please refer to the instrument catalogue.