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As soon as you purchase equipment from ANTARES, our support starts. We offer tailor made training courses at our facilities, we come to your base for commissioning and accompany your engineers on the first jobs as required. ANTARES has a team of engineers travelling around the world to assist you with maintenance of the tools and to help with troubleshooting. When you introduce a new service to one of your customers like a Pulse Decay Neutron, ANTARES assists you with the interpretation of the logging results. We have the capability to customize our algorithms to your requirements.

In order to minimize the panels and software versions in your logging unit, we offer to integrate your existing tools into the ANTARES surface acquisition system ASAP. Standardizing on one platform reduces mistakes and increases efficiency. You have ready access to our software updates. With our experienced engineers and project managers, we can carry out special research and development projects for you. Let us know the challenge you are facing and we will find a solution.

ANTARES sees support at all levels as a crucial part of our cooperation with our clients. We are interested in a long term relationship.

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