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Wireline Logging Equipement

Who We Are

ANTARES is a German company, developing and engineering wireline logging tools for over 20 years. Some 85 engineers, scientists and technicians are working in 4 countries. Stringent testing procedures and extensive quality control are key to our daily business and customer’s satisfaction. Our experienced people not only offer a large range of logging tools, they also find customized solutions for special challenges of our clients. We support our clients at all levels.

Our customers are located worldwide and are working in a large variety of industries: oil and gas, cavern storage, mining, water management and marine research.

ANTARES offers a complete system, consisting of an ‘easy-to-use’ surface acquisition system and reliable and ruggedized down hole logging tools. ANTARES is also a ‘one-stop-shop’. We can deliver a fully equipped logging truck or offshore logging unit to you – you let us know what truck you want and what cable you require and we deliver the complete unit fully equipped to any location you want.

Discover the ‘German Engineering’ difference!


ANTARES joins the SUGAR III Research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Sugar  -  Submarine Gas Hydrate Resources.

The joint project aligns German universities, research institutes and technology companies to investigate new technology for the research, exploration and excavation of submarine hydrate resources. They also investigate new concepts for gas transport. The hydrate extraction is coupled with a reposition (sequestration) of CO2 in sea sediments to minimize the possible impact on the environment of the hydrate removal.

The third phase of this project has currently started and focuses on key technologies for the exploration and production of methane gas from marine gas hydrates.

Within this frame ANTARES has won a grant for R&D to develop a memory acoustic instrument, which will be used by transportable sea floor drilling rigs for example the MeBo200 developed by MARUM.

Fig. Application of the ANTARES memory acoustic instrument

The acoustic instrument will provide valuable information regarding the lithology with possible gas bearing intervals.

Highly-automated measurement processes, short length of the instrument, high data-storage capacities and high resolution will be the key features for the design.